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Buy Venom Online ( Snake Venom, Scorpion Venom, Toad Venom )

Venom or poison is often a cause for someone’s death, but do you know that venom can help save lives as well. The use of Snake Venom or Scorpion Venom has increased over the years for different treatment purposes such as regulating blood pressure, prevent clotting, making drugs or vaccines, support transmission of nerve impulses, etc.

It is also found that certain types of venom help treat major diseases such as Viper venom can help treat cancer, Scorpion Venom can help treat a brain tumour, while Toad Venom considered as neurotoxic venom helps treat mental illness and so on.

Researches with the venom of different kinds have increased over the years in different branches including biophysics, toxicology, pharmacology, medicine, biochemistry, etc. The vaccine or medicine or anti-venom is prepared by diluting the venom in the lab with minimal poison and then injected into other animals. These animals with injected venom then produce immunity-assisted antibodies that are harvested and prepared as vaccines or drugs for treatment.

We provide you with assured quality venom products that can be used to prepare effective anti-venoms or medicines or drugs that can be used for the needed treatment. Also, we ensure that we follow the WHO guidelines and standards for the preparation and storage of the products.

Scorpion Venom

Scorpion Venom generally consists of a group of complex molecules that are known as Neurotoxin. This venom is used as an immune-suppressant, anti-malarial medication, and even used in research to cure the tumor, etc. As there are different scorpions available, their respective venoms are used to create different medicines or drugs that help treat different kinds of diseases.

In our store, you can find a wide variety of Scorpion Venoms that are delivered to you in glass vials in varying quantities. Our list of Scorpion Venom includes Emperor Scorpion Venom, Black Thick-Tailed Scorpion Venom, and so on.

Considering that handling Scorpion Venom is extremely dangerous and difficult, they are stored in exclusively designed vials and safely delivered to you. As scorpions produce venom in a very moderate quantity, the cost of the venom is considerably high.

Snake Venom

Snakes are extremely venomous, aggressive, and dangerous. Irrespective of the kind of venomous snake that you encounter, in major cases it leads to envenomation i.e. need for a quick medical emergency.

In various snake species, while snakes likely produce 15-20 drops of venom, even 2-3 drops of venom can cause major problems in human beings or even cause death if quick treatment is not given. This is where, an effective and efficient source like our store becomes essential to get Snake Venom, especially in cases where research and emergency production of anti-venom is needed.

A major part of the Snake Venom is known to consist of neurotoxic venom. However, some researches suggest that specific snake species support specific medical needs. For instance, venom derived from Black Mamba consists of a very powerful painkiller like morphine, Viper venom consists of a specific enzyme that prevents blood clotting that helps in treating hemorrhage, etc.

Why Buy Venom From Us?

Our store is one of the best places to buy venom for sale online. We not only provide you with pure and quality venom samples but also ensure that they are available to you at the most affordable price.

Considering the dangers and the potential risks involved with venom, we also make sure the venom is securely stored in vials. Also, the venom is delivered to you in a safe and secure package to ensure you get the products most exquisitely.

Are you looking for venom for sale? Order it from our website today and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Toad Venom | Frog Venom

Toads are known to secrete deadly or potent poison through their skin. There are different toad species available that secrete venom, Here we have segregated 4 different kinds of Toad Venom that can be bought in varying quantity.

In recent years, the use of Toad Venom for smoking has been trending increasingly. BufoAlvarius (toad species found in the Sonoran Desert) produces exclusive Toad Venom known as 5-Meo-DMT, which is also a natural psychedelic. It is considerably more effective than the DMT, another synthetic psychedelic product.

Toad Venom is also used for various other researches and medical purposes, as they are known to have effects that can help in the treatment of various health conditions.

Frogs venom are considered venomous as the toxic skin secretions that coat these spines can inject venom via a wound in the skin of would-be predators – including humans. But this species’ head spines are more developed and its skin glands are larger, allowing more venom to be secreted and injected.